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The Lankier Omaha Enemy
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As biographies go, I should tell you about where and how I was raised in Chino Hills, California. I should tell you how I manifested my creative wild side while my parents were busy separating, working, and getting back together. I should probably mention the four siblings that formed my personality and personal space issues. I should explain the kinds of pop music I listened to, whether it was on the oldies stations or the same explosive jam stations that presented star-studded skate nights in my rural community rinks. It would be wise to mention a minor stint in public school before picking up my pen in those OC Catholic high school years, as well as discuss what eventually brought my C average up to an A when I found a voice to follow which eventually carried my heart and soul to the exotic streets of Bennington College. It’s a good story really, but it’s been told time and time again and I’m about tired of answering questions about the mischievous psychic in Huntington Beach. It turns out he was really just a homeless guy asking for a dollar and I accidentally shook his hand and began an eternal trip down hallucination lane. Since then it seems I haven’t been able to come down from the cosmic absurdity that surrounds my words and chance. What’s most important to this bio is the understanding that at the end of the day, despite my whereabouts and disposition, I always did it my way.

Does a bio have to be only about the past? Couldn’t it reflect something more immediate and present? Could a bio be used to tell the future?

Either way you look at it, it doesn’t change my appearance. I am who I am and you are who you are and everything else is a perception based on acceptance, deception, smoke, mirrors, and so on. It’s everything in between us that seems to justify our accidental identities. Does that make sense?

In summary, a perfect bio would read: the great Blue Avenger is from space.